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The Master Board has identified and approved removal of trees planted in the front lawns that could potentially obstruct or dislodge water and/or sewer lines. Homeowners are financially responsible for the removal of a tree, removing the stump and covering the area with turf or mulch. Also homeowners are free to contract with any licensed landscaper. The homeowner is not required to replace the tree. Prior to removal of any tree, an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval form must be submitted to the HOA for processing. The ARC is responsible tracking the number of trees removed so the Master Board knows how many trees are to be planted in the common areas. If you have any questions, contact Tim Kreft or Dan Kazmierczak. Below is a list of the addresses/location of the trees approved for removal: 9913 9950-9952 9914-9916 9955-9957 9915-9917 9954-9956 9918-9920 9958-9960 9919-9921 9961-9963 9923-9925 9962-9964 9926-9928 9965-9967 9927-9929 9966-9968 9931-9933 9971-9973 9934-9936 9974-9976 9935-9937 9930-9932 9939-9941 9970-9972 9938-9940 9939-9941 9943-9947 9942-9944 9946-9948 9949-9953
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